Loir et Cher (41), Salbris, 364 ha

Forested area in the sologne used for forest development and by the hunt. The forest of "L'Epinay" is situated in the heart of the sologne region, four kilometers west of salbris. Only a few minutes from the A71 between Orleans and Vierzon. The forest is easily accessible.

The property has a forest management plan accepted in 2010 over an area of 361 hectares. The forest cover 94% of the area of the property i.e. 340 ha divided into 214 ha of deciduous forest and 126 ha of evergreen.

The rest of the area consists of open spaces (agriculture lands and green fields) and buildings. It has a good forest production potential, especially for evergreen wood for the building industry.

The trees in this plantation are all of the same age, mainly Corsican pine and Sylvan pine.

The property is covered by a number of white roads wich allows easy management of the forest.

Buildings are divided into two parts. The first at the main entrance of the property consist of :

  • A hunting lodge with outbuildings, all in a good state
  • A hunting meeting place
  • A barn

The second part is to the North of the property and consist of :

  • A caretaker's house in good condition
  • A traditionnal farm house with a barn to restore

The property in total is a good hunting area. The contract for the hunt is renewed annually. The rent for the season 2014-2015 was 32 000 Euros.


Location Salbris, Sologne (41)

Area 364 hectares

Lakes 2 étangs de 1.9 ha et 4.6 ha

Use forestry production - Hunt and Leisure area - Living area

Buildings Houses and outbuildings

Contract number  3-11414-7516