Forest management

The forest is a dynamic ecosystem which evolves naturally at its own pace. The use of forest resources as it is known at present requires to guide this ecosystem and its growth so that we can produces which can be transformated and used by our society.

Forest management demands an understanding of the growth of forest and how we can best optimize their potential with the raw materials we have.

Forest management consists of severals stages and approaches can merged in a continual process depending on the type of forest and the type of objective given.

The differents actions are described below follow the natural cycle of forest endlessly repeating.  Consequently, it is impossible to consider these steps in a chronological way, but rather by development stage of the ecosystem.

Creation of different forest management plans

  • Forest management plan
  • Optional forest management plan
  • Foresters code of practice
  • Basic rules of forest management

Management of forestry replantation

  • Technical analysis
  • Estimation given
  • Global project management

Opérations of planting improvement

  • Forest thinning
  • "Balivage"
  • "Martelage"



Selling the wood

  • Crop estimation
  • Putting on sale
  • monitoring of forest exploitation